Good day, hello and welcome

Howdy – hope you are all well – and where ever you are, enjoying some of the sunshine we are seeing across Europe at the moment!!!!!!

So – This is the opening post – just to say hi – and maybe giving some ideas around what type of content you are going to find on here over the coming days, weeks and months…

Firstly – I’ve been skirting around the topic of Operational Resilience (with a technology focus) for many many years – but recently this has now become my core focus – so you will see thoughts, rantings, views, perspectives, tech, business perspective emerge from my postings…. Hopefully this could / maybe of use to you as you embark on similar journeys and/or get involved in operational a resilience themes, regulatory discussions, views or you are just interested!

So that’s if after my first post – have a great day and keep well!


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